Drew Barrymore Spills All About Her Intimate, Personal Wedding (VIDEO)

drew barrymoreDrew Barrymore has starred in so many romantic comedies, it would be kind of a travesty if her own real-life wedding didn't live up to certain expectations. In other words, the sweet actress deserved her dream wedding. And it sounds like that's exactly what she got when she tied the knot with now-husband Will Kopelman last year.

After Drew went on The Tonight Show last night and gushed to Jay Leno about her Big Day, it's obvious exactly how she was able to make the occasion amazing ... She did it her way! 


I don't mean that Drew adopted that horrifying "her way or the highway" bridezilla attitude. It sounds like she was actually really laid back. What I mean is that she and Will decided what would reflect their sensibilities and personalities. They mixed the traditional and the quirky.

For instance, Drew explained, "We got engaged and then I got pregnant. And it was like, ‘Well, we could wait, or we could do this the old-fashioned way.'" So they decided that getting hitched before baby was for them. She also elaborated on how they were able to incorporate various personalized details throughout the event:

My husband, he works in art, and he has an incredible for design and detail, so we just thought to bring a silhouette artist. So everybody got a really cool silhouette of them and their partner or them and their kids. We had an old-fashioned real film photo booth, so everybody got to take home these old cool strips. We had food that we loved. Everybody was stuffed to the gills by the time they left, which is sort of key to a wedding. ... It was romantic and beautiful and there were flowers. There was merriment! It was good. It was perfect.

Aww! Plus, plus, get this -- there was an '80s cover band that crooned the couple's faves (which had to include a least a few ofthe hits from Wedding Singer, right? Ha!). So fun!

Sounds like Drew and Will really designed an incredibly memorable day. No matter what venue it's in or how many guests you have or how stinkin' celebrity rich you are, making your  wedding your own really is all that matters -- and is the key to making for that "perfect" day Drew can now look back on so joyfully for years to come.

How did you (or do you plan to) make your wedding day your own?


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