Julianne Hough's 'DWTS' Appearance Makes Us Crave a Judging Shakeup

julianne houghGuys, Julianne Hough is back on Dancing With the Stars! Okay okay, so she was back on the hit show last night. The former dancing pro put her talents to good use as a guest judge, subbing for Len Goodman. And I'll be real with you: It was a nice change-up from the normal.

Really! Aside from Julianne's beautiful looks, her dancing knowledge really showed through and it seemed like she was having an awesome time. Watching the dancer behind the table made me wonder, could the hit ABC show benefit from a mix-up at the judging table? I remember back when there were rumors that we'd be seeing new faces this season, and I was excited about the possibility then.

Now, after seeing Julianne there, I'm sure that a judging mix-up would do the show some good.


It's not that I don't like the current judges. I think they're entertaining to watch, and it does make a major difference to have people sitting behind the table who really know what they're talking about. (Which is probably why even though Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious, she wasn't exactly a great American Idol judge.) I just think some fresh faces could bring some new life to the show, just like the fresh cast does every year.

I mean think about it: there have been some stellar past contestants that would be excellent behind the judges' table. My top pick? Mario Lopez, hands down. I also think movers and shakers like Maria Menounos, Brandy, and Nicole Scherzinger would be fabulous contenders.

Hey, to each their own. One thing we can all agree on, though? Julianne looked absolutely fabulous up there last night. Check her out judging Christina Milian and partner Mark Ballas:

Would you want to see new judges on Dancing With the Stars?


Image via juleshough/Instagram

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