Jada Pinkett Smith Tries Miley Cyrus' Style On for Size -- & It Totally Works! (PHOTO)

jada pinkett smith summer 2013Jada Pinkett Smith may be a celeb mom, but she's no wallflower. The actress -- and rocker, mind you, as founder/lead singer of metal band Wicked Wisdom! -- has never shied away from switching up her style, which often means trying all different hair looks. But Jada's latest, dramatic haircut has a lot of eyeballs buggin' out because, as HuffPost put it, "it's more Miley than Mommy." Hrrmm.

While it's definitely edgy, and reminiscent of Miley's uber-short 'do, I'm not sure that means a mom like Jada can't rock it!

Check it out ...


jada pinkett smith short haircutThere are women who think they can go short -- and it's just not working for them, but Jada is obviously pulling this shaved sides, short on top cut off and then some! It's definitely about 180 degrees from what I personally think is hot, but you can tell Jada loves it, feels comfortable, exudes confidence -- so more power to her! Who cares if it's not your stereotypical mom haircut? I mean, what is that defined as anyway? The Betty Draper long bob? This isn't 1962! 

Besides, this isn't even the first time Jada's flirted with the shaved look. She temporarily wore this undercut last winter. And then she went more glam, more rock 'n' roll, etc. Seems to me she's having a blast experimenting with various hairstyles -- and looks beautiful no matter what!

What do you think about Jada's latest look? Too drastic or divine?


Images via Rick Davis/Splash News & PacificCoastNews.com

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