Kim Kardashian's Hesitation to Marry Kanye West Isn't a Good Sign

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestHuh. Well that's odd. Apparently Kim Kardashian isn't in a hurry to marry Kanye West, something that seems awfully strange considering they were planning on getting married after baby North West was born.

You'd think now that they're a seemingly happy little family of three, Kim would be ready to make things official and become Mrs. Kanye West (after all of her baby weight is off, of course). It just seems a bit odd that she's being so nonchalant about the whole deal.


And since she's not rushing to get to the altar as quickly as possible, it's tough not to wonder if there's a little bit of trouble in paradise going on. I mean, what exactly is she waiting for?

It's not like this is just some dude she's been dating for a couple years or so -- this is the father of her child. And the man who has clearly wanted to be with her for quite some time -- who would probably marry her tomorrow if she asked him to.

Soooo, what the heck is Kim waiting for if everything is perfectly rosy between her and Kanye? Aside from wanting to get her pre-baby body back before donning a wedding gown (totally understandable) -- it seems like there's the possibility that she's either getting cold feet or isn't sure that Kanye is the right man for her.

Or maybe she's just so preoccupied with adjusting to her life as a new mom (when she's not touring Paris) that she hasn't had time to think about planning a wedding. She figures she'll hold off until things calm down and she gets into a better routine.

Whatever the case, if Kim and Kanye still aren't married and have no wedding plans in the works in 2014, it probably doesn't bode well for them staying together for the long haul. For little Nori's sake, let's hope Kim gets a fire under her you know what sometime in the near future.

Why do you think Kim hasn't married Kanye yet?


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