Kate Middleton Shows She’s Not Above Haggling for a Discount

kate middletonGuess who likes a good bargain and isn't afraid to ask for it? Kate Middleton! Just because she's the daughter of a millionaire, a duchess married to a prince, and now the mother of a possible monarch doesn't mean she's above a little haggling. A shopkeeper at an antiques shop says Kate Middleton requested a discount on her purchase. And she got it, too, the shopkeeper says. "Of course, she’s got a big house to do up. But I love her for asking."


You know what they say -- don't ask, don't get. And why not ask? Kate may have boatloads more dough than you or I do, but the shopkeeper is right. She has a big house to "do up." And she doesn't have unlimited funds.

Not everyone feels comfortable bargaining at those shops where there are no price tags (because if you have to ask ...). We're kind of more used to coupons, which feel more anonymous -- they're like a permission slip for a discount. And the average shopper doesn't do a lot of buying at the kinds of shops where you can bargain, so we just don't have a lot of practice. What if you insult the shopkeeper? What if they say no? Is it going to be awkward?

Obviously Kate's had plenty of practice to be able to confidently ask for that discount. She probably learned from her mother. And she probably also knows it's standard practice. Yes, that's right, you're supposed to ask for a discount. They're expecting it!

So if you've ever thought about shopping at an antiques or vintage market, now you know. Just go ahead and ask for that discount. See what happens.

As for Prince William, he was apparently in the car looking very bored. “If I may say so, William looked like every man who’s forced to go shopping with his wife," reports the shopkeeper's wife, "which is bored bloody stiff and didn’t get out of the car.” Oh well, you can get a discount, but you can't get a cure for shopping fatigue.

Have you ever asked for a discount at a shop?


Image via UK_Repsome/Flickr

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