Kate Middleton & Prince William Should Do Whatever It Takes to Protect George's Privacy

kate middleton prince williamNow that Kate Middleton and Prince William's next chapter has begun, and they're officially moving into Kensington Palace, many questions are being asked about the couple's -- and of course, their newborn son's! -- security. Although they are public figures, they have every right to want to maintain some semblance of a private life, but just how possible will that be right there smack dab on the corner of the very public Hyde Park in London?

It's a conundrum Katiee Nicholl, the Mail on Sunday's Royal expert and author of Kate: The Future Queen, offered some interesting insight into when sitting down with EntertainmentWise recently. According to Nicholl, the couple will take action against paparazzi who invade their son Prince George's privacy. Cheers to that!


Nicholls elaborated:

There will be more paparazzi to contend with, they're living in a palace that looks out onto public grounds ... all of these things will have been considered. I imagine a very stringent security operation is in place, and I suspect that if they are papped they will take that very seriously and they will take action.

She went on to say royal couple is "very keen to protect their privacy"; however, "one wonders whether Kate will be able to push George around in a pram in Kensington Palace and not be photographed?"

I can't imagine that it'll be possible to keep paparazzi away completely, but thinking about the potential for situations where they may get too close and setting up an action plan is obviously necessary. As lovely and peaceful -- and civilized as far as the media goes -- as the past couple of public appearances the Duke and Duchess made were, things could get hairy. Wills knows that better than anyone, having seen just how crazy the tabloid press got around his mother.

So for him to be extra-protective and on the defensive now makes perfect sense -- and is probably the couple's best bet.  Especially considering that they are no longer in Anglesey, Wales, and they will be much more "exposed" to the public living at Kensington. Seems safe to say the more prepared they are to contend with a worst case scenario involving the paparazzi, the better off they'll be.

Do you think it's wise that the Duke and Duchess set a precedent regarding paparazzi as soon as they arrive at Kensington? What do you think they'll be able to do to keep them at bay?


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