10 Hot Guys Taylor Swift Dated (Nah, She's Not Boy-Crazy!)

taylor swiftYou guys, listen up: There's a seriously nasty rumor going around about Taylor Swift and I don't know who could have possibly started it. (Definitely NOT some "bitter" blogger with no life who's obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard or anything.) Seriously, this is one mean-spirited bit of celeb buzz -- and shocking, too! Like, hold on to your hat 'cause ain't nobody saw this one coming: People are saying that Taylor Swift ... is boy-crazy

No. NO!! Taylor SWIFT? Not even. 

I know, I know ...  I was just as blown away as you are. Appalled, I should say. I mean, Taylor Sweetheart Swift?? My jaw was right down there on the proverbial floor with yours, believe you me. And so, consumed with a burning sense of righteous indignation, I took to the Internet to do a little research. To prove those evil gosspimongers (hmm, where have I seen that word?) wrong. And guess what?? 

I could only come up with like, 10 hot guys Swift has dated recently. Boy-crazy?? Why, that's ... that's just ... um ... ACCURATE, perhaps?? 

If the stiletto fits, b*tch.

Do you think Taylor Swift is boy-crazy?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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