Melissa Gorga Is Making Teresa Giudice's Legal Problems About Her -- Of Course!

melissa gorgaI'm not sure if you knew this, but the world does in fact revolve around Melissa Gorga. After asked why she thought Teresa Giudice said that Melissa and Joe would not be the ones taking care of her children should she and husband Joe go to jail, Melissa took it as a way for Teresa to lob an insult at her. "I think it was a dig," Melissa said about Teresa's remark. "But then again I think it was a petty comment and as long as the kids are taken care of, it’s fine -- wherever they go is fine -- as long as they’re taken care of. It is what it is."

Now, I certainly don't think Teresa's in the habit of not doling out backhanded compliments and bold-faced insults, but really, Melissa? I actually think this is the one instance where this has nothing to do with you at all.


I'm guessing that this is a really uncomfortable topic for Teresa to talk about. What parent would want to deal with having to figure out who's going to take care of their children if they go to jail? No, what Teresa and Joe did wasn't right, but ... if Teresa doesn't want to think about Melissa and Joe having to potentially become the guardians of their kids, leave her alone, Melissa. It isn't an insult to you. The woman's probably just scared.

Melissa has said that she and Joe are standing by Teresa and Joe throughout their legal troubles, and thus far, they seemed to have done a pretty good job of doing just that. But all the love and support in the world won't mean anything, if Melissa turns this into the typical Melissa/Teresa Bickerfest. And, Melissa, what would you say if you were in Teresa's situation, and someone asked you if Teresa was going to be the one taking care of your kids? Just curious.

Do you think Teresa's comment was an insult?


Image via Bravo

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