Man Gets Miley Cyrus Inspired Tattoo That's Actually Even Worse Than It Sounds (PHOTO)

Miley cyrusLately, Miley Cyrus has been very busy. It's undeniable. Even if you think she is in need of an open letter explaining to her that she's being used by record companies, or that she's a crafty P.R. genius who knows exactly what she's doing. The woman is everywhere.

She's hosting Saturday Night Live, she's being interviewed by Today. She's the star of a documentary, she's the reason your mom keeps saying "twerk." Because of her, even giraffes think that sticking your tongue out is OVER. But now Miley's made an appearance that jumps right past 'weird' and into 'totally troubling.'


Somebody in this great nation of ours got a Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking-Ball" themed tattoo. For real. The wrecking ball is crying, you guys. I think that says almost everything. Has the woman become such a part of the cultural gestalt that it's now acceptable to permanently ink her cartoony form upon our persons?

miley cyrus tattoo

I wonder what Miley would think of this body modification. I, for one, would be quietly horrified should a stranger present me with an image of myself emblazoned upon their calf. But since Miley's embraced the non-shocking shock-phase of being a rockstar, I bet she'd love it.

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Do you think Miley tattoos are going to become a thing?

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