Lamar Odom Picks a Bad Time to Follow a Dirty Website on Twitter

lamar odomI honestly can't with Lamar Odom anymore. I just. Can't. I mean, seriously, can anyone? First, it's revealed that he's cheated on Khloe with multiple women and is addicted to drugs. Then he goes to rehab for all of a half hour. Then he gets a DUI. Then he says that Khloe loves him too much to leave him (barf). And now, brainiac that he is, he follows a porn site on Twitter.

What is wrong with this man? I'm starting to wonder why Khloe ever married him in the first place.


Shortly after following the free porn site, Tube8 (slogan: Everything tastes better when it's free, including porn), Lamar unfollowed them, because, well, that's a super idiotic move at a time like this. It's likely that a publicist or an adviser told him it was a bad idea, as opposed to Odom reaching that conclusion on his own, because, let's get real here, a toddler has better decision-making skills than he does right now. And adding insult to injury is the fact that Lamar has always been incredibly picky about who he follows on Twitter. Tube8 would have been the 48th person/website he followed on the site. He must really like free porn.

If I were a betting woman, I'd say that it's about t-minus one month until Khloe files for divorce. There's only so much a person can take. You could even tell on Sunday's KUWTK that she's over him. In the past, she's always been so doting toward him and has constantly made excuses for him to her family. But in the episode, it seemed like it was the beginning of the end for Khloe. She even called him "annoying" at one point.

Lamar, I say you keep just doing you. It's pretty much impossible to undo the things you've done at this point, so you know what? If you want to follow a porn site on Twitter, go for it. But you might as well unfollow Khloe while you're at it.

Do you think Khloe and Lamar will get a divorce?


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