Kristen Stewart Reveals Interesting New Tattoos of Some Really Strange Things (PHOTO)

kristen stewartDespite backpacking it around Switzerland in an attempt to find herself, it looks like Kristen Stewart has resorted to other "healing" tactics to get over her split with Rob: Tattoos. KStew was spotted at LAX sporting new ink on her forearms over the weekend. Some appear to be real(ish), and others appear to be something her BFF doodled on her during fourth period English.


The tat on her right forearm -- a black band with an eye in the middle -- is rumored to be fake and for her role in Sils Maria, which she's currently filming in Los Angeles. But the one beneath it on her wrist -- it looks like a fish with a dialogue bubble -- could be real. (Probably not, but could be.) And then the one on her other wrist -- um, a hammer? -- looks like it's merely a pen drawing due to, as the Daily Mail speculates, "a long and boring flight."

Over the summer, Kristen got two tattoos we know are real -- a small infinity symbol on one wrist, and four lines (the Black Flag symbol) on her other. The tats are dainty and, in my opinion, really beautiful, and go with Kristen's look perfectly. But as anyone with ink knows, a teeny tattoo usually is a gateway to other, larger tattoos. So while odds are these are fake, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if KStew got a few more some time really soon.

Let's just hope she doesn't do it as a way of temporarily numbing herself to the pain that is the demise of Robsten. Because let's be honest, guys, nothing will ever make that pain go away. For anyone.

What do you think of Kristen's ... arm drawings?


Image via Splash News

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