Kim Kardashian Hides Her Face With a Towel After Mysterious Beauty Procedure

Kim KardashianThere's probably a perfectly simple explanation for why Kim Kardashian decided to hide her face coming out of a beauty salon in Los Angeles yesterday -- one that doesn't involve plastic surgery. You know that's the first thing that came to everyone's mind on Friday when she emerged with a towel over her face.

While it is highly irregular for the limelight lovin' reality star to hide anything about herself from the media, she was obviously feeling a little self-conscious with her hair all disheveled and tied up and some strange goop on her face.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Kim's skin and complexion is perfect, and that doesn't come without a little effort, no matter how good your genes are. And based on some of the wacky stuff she's had "done" in the past, like vampire facelifts, there seems a pretty logical explanation for all this new face-hiding going on.


Kim probably had some type of chemical peel. While some people like to call that "plastic surgery," it's not. It doesn't alter your facial structure in any way. It's a lot more "no big deal" than even botox or fillers.

You often go to a plastic surgeon's office to get one, but any qualified aesthetician can administer it. Using some type of acid, like glycol, several layers of the chemical is applied to your face. It burns for a second, but then it goes away, though your skin eventually becomes tight before it starts to shed in spider web type layers, leaving fresh new baby skin underneath.

Some peels require masks or ointments be applied afterwards, so that's probably what it is -- just a really intensive facial.

So nothing to see here, folks. I'm sure Kim with be photographed on Monday looking exactly the way she did on Friday, though with a little extra glow and lift to her skin. Or maybe Tuesday. Most peels take at least three days before you are done looking like a zombie.

What do you think Kim had done to her face on Friday? Have you ever tried a chemical peel?


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