Daniel Radcliffe Admits He's Dating a Much Older Woman (VIDEO)

Daniel Radcliffe may be one of the most famous child actors in the world -- even though he's, you know, an adult now -- but when it comes to women, he likes 'em older. Radcliffe confessed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! that his latest girlfriend, whom he won't name, is older than he is. And that he has a "track record" of dating older women. And, hmmm, who is Demi Moore dating these days? Haha. Joke. But maybe not?


Daniel, 24, who has dated a Harry Potter production assistant named Rosie Coker (who was his age), and actress Erin Darke, who is 28, confessed he lost his virginity to a much older woman ("It would freak some people out," he said of their age difference). He was asked if he has a "type" when it comes to dating.

"The type I keep private," he demurred. Then he added: "My type is intelligent."

Andy Cohen wasn't going to let him get away with being so coy, so he pressed him about his penchant for older babes and asked if the girl he's dating now has some years on him, to which Daniel replied:

Umm ... It would be hard for me to deny [it]. I have a track record with that.

No word on who the lucky older lady is, but in August, Daniel was seen nightclubbing with a woman who definitely had some birthdays on him.

Well, I'll just confess that the older I get, the more I like to see young guys hooking up with older ladies! Hey, men have been doing it for eons, why not us? Besides, older men want to date younger women, and if you're a middle-aged woman, that means you have no choice but to go elderly -- or go for a guy who is into the whole cougar thing. Which one would you choose? Exactly.

Besides, older women are confident, sexual, and they put away their cellphones at dinner. What more can you want?!

So good for Harry, I mean Daniel, for going for that cougar love. Paging Demi ...

Have you ever dated younger?

Image via Bravo

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