Lauryn Hill's New Single 'Consumerism' Is Exactly What We Need to Hear Right Now

lauryn hillI've always thought of jail as a place where it's tough to do much of anything besides make license plates or steal cookies (ahem, O.J. Simpson), but Grammy Award-winning musician Lauryn Hill just ended a three-month prison stint for tax evasion and she's already got a new song out! Granted, the tune (called "Consumerism") was recorded before she went to the big house and was mixed in her absence, but Hill still managed to have major creative control. “We did our best to eek out a mix via verbal and emailed direction, thanks to the crew of surrogate ears on the other side,” she said on her Tumblr, where fans can find a link to the track.

Pretty cool, huh? Er, depends on who you ask. Apparently a lot of people are peeved that Hill was released after only a few short months for her crime and resent the fact that she's already slamming the system via song, but you know what I think? 


I think she never deserved to go to prison in the first place! Look, maybe it's the Robin Hood in me, but I have a tough time siding with the currently SHUTDOWN government on this one. Clearly our elected officials have been neglecting a host of issues far more serious than a singer who happens to owe some back taxes! And I'd even go one step further to say we actually NEED artists like Lauryn Hill speaking her mind now more than ever. I mean, who the hell else is going to call out the government on their rampant corruption -- Miley Cyrus?? 

And, as ever, Hill's got plenty to say. Here's a lyrical sampling from "Consumerism":

Consumerism's running through'em like a tumor in'em
Ageism, sexism, racism, chauvinism
Capitalism running through them like the rumour business
Separatism, skepticism, modernism, atheism
Television running through them like an organism
Mechanism, despotism, poisoning the ecosystem
Satanism running through them like a politician
Hedonism, hypocrism, nihilism, narcissism
Egotism running through them needing exorcism
Situation hedonism, adversary demonism

See what I'm sayin'? You tell 'em, Lauryn!

Are you happy to hear that Lauryn Hill has a new single out? 

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