Hulk Hogan Dusts Off His Thong for Amazing Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Spoof (VIDEO)

hulk hoganIt's not every day a 60-year-old former pro wrestler strips down to his thong to sit on a wrecking ball à la Miley Cyrus, but guess what? Today is that day! Yup, none other than Hulk Hogan himself is getting in on the "let's all spoof that insane 'Wrecking Ball' video" action, and while you might not, at first, think that's necessarily a good thing, well -- trust me, it is. Seriously. Somehow it's even LESS creepy when Hogan sticks his tongue out than when Miley does it! 

Now, in case you're wondering, Hulk Hogan's parody isn't just some random homage -- his video is actually a commercial for his website hosting company, Hostamania. But that barely matters. 


What matters is that by watching Hogan's clip, it becomes apparent that the Miley's (practically) patented "Wrecking Ball Ride" move makes a hell of a lot more sense when a wrestler is doing it. It's sort of like a body slam, except that it's not at all. Hmm. Maybe you'd better take a look and see for yourself:


See? Somehow, the whole gimmick works a lot better for a pro wrestler. Hmmm ... maybe Miley missed her calling?! OMG, totally! Think about it: With the tongue and the weird hairdo, it's like she's already a caricature. Maybe twerking could be, like, her lethal wrestling move. Uh-oh, Miley's getting ready to twerk her opponent!

Do you think Hulk Hogan on a wrecking ball makes more sense than Miley Cyrus?


Image via Hostamania

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