Kate Middleton Has 2 Nurseries at Home for Prince George

prince william babyKate Middleton, because she's KMidds and can do what she wants, isn't having just one nursery in her and Prince William's newly renovated apartment at Kensington Palace. She's having two. Why? Well, one's a "daytime nursery" and one's a "nighttime nursery." What, you don't have various nurseries for the various times of day in your home?

Hahaha, you're so common!


From the sounds of things, the day nursery essentially is what we non-royal folk call a "playroom." You know, the one room in your house that's allowed to be a complete disaster. The room you can't even begin to think about tackling, because it's so messy. That's Prince George's "daytime nursery." And I have to be honest with you, that sounds so much more civilized than a playroom. To me, a daytime nursery conjures up a vision of white flowing curtains; soft, neutral colors; a few wicker baskets around with some toys. While a playroom conjures up the image of, well, a hell hole that you want to make sure sure you have a tetanus shot before entering. From now on, I will refer to my daughter's playroom as "the daytime nursery." Just kidding, my daughter doesn't have a playroom. Her shit is everywhere.

Which leads me to my next point!

Kate, you don't really need a play- sorry, daytime nursery. Because, when he's old enough, little Georgie is basically going to make your entire home his playroom. Babies and toddlers aren't so good at staying in a designated area. The world is their area to play and destroy.

But hey, when he's about 4, he'll probably get good use out of it. But by then he probably won't want you to refer to it as a "daytime nursery."

Do you have a playroom for your kids?


Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr

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