Desiree Hartsock Shares Photos That Make Us Wonder if She Ever Loved Brooks Forester

Des and ChrisI'll be the first to admit that I figured Desiree Hartsock chose Chris Siegfried simply because Brooks Forester dumped her and she didn't want to leave The Bachelorette as a single woman. But now I'm starting to wonder whether some of her heartache over Brooks was just clever editing.

Desiree shared these photos of her and Chris goofing off in the pool in Antigua. While it's not clear whether the shots were taken on their final overnight date or after their engagement, it is obvious that Des looks pretty darn happy.


And regardless of when these pics were taken, it's so apparent that Des and Chris are super comfortable together and aren't afraid to show off their sillier sides. It's got me wondering if she knew Chris was the one all along and simply played up the Brooks thing for the sake of good reality TV.

Here's the thing -- if she were really as upset over Brooks' departure as she let on, it would've been tough for Des to let loose and have such a blast with Chris when her heart belonged to Brooks. She doesn't hide her emotions very well. If she were really all hung up on Brooks, she would've had to grin and bear it through her date with Chris and may have even given up altogether and decided to end things right then and there, like she did at the beginning of her final date with Drew Kenney.

Why would she stick it out and have such a great time on the date if she knew her hope of finding love was officially over? Based on these photos, it does look like Des and Chris were made for each other, which is something she realized much earlier than at the final rose ceremony when she finally admitted Chris was the one.

Something seems fishy here, all right. But honestly, would any of us be all that shocked if Des' breakup with Brooks was nothing more than an Oscar-worthy performance?

Do you think Des knew Chris was the one earlier than she let on?


Image via Instagram

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