World's Biggest 'Twilight' Fan Will Spend $40,000 on RPattz Tattoos

new moonIf you think you're the world's biggest Robert Pattinson/Twilight fan, I have two words for you: Ha and ha. And then I have another three: Meet Cathy Ward. Cathy, 52, is such a fan of the Twilight franchise and RPattz (who can blame her?) that she's spent just shy of $14,000 on tattoos that pay homage to the two. And she's nowhere near done. Once finished, Ward expects to be around $40,000 in the hole for ink that depicts her favorite YA/SF series.

What have you done to show you're a fan?


Cathy has an exact replica of the New Moon poster emblazoned across her back, the Cullen family crest across her chest, and portraits of Edward Cullen on both of her ribs. She also has the wolf tribal symbol, five wolves, and the last thing Jacob says to Bella once he's realized he lost her: "It would be as easy as breathing with me." But don't let her wolf tats fool you. Cathy is all about Edward.

"Obviously, I'm Team Edward so most of my tattoos are of Edward," she explains. "I'm definitely a Robert Pattinson fan. It's because he's not classically good looking -- he's different. I'm not what I'd call good looking, I'm average and he's similar. Plenty of other guys in the film are better looking but he's striking in a different way."

Now. There are some cah-razy Twihards out there, but let's be real here for a minute, this is a bit weird. Getting your entire body covered in tattoos from your favorite book/movie is ... well, it's a little overboard. But here's the thing: The tattoos aren't just about Twilight

In 2009, Cathy lost 84 pounds because of Twilight. Apparently, a friend lent her the books, and she immediately devoured all of them. Then watched the movies. Then listened to the soundtrack. All while working out. She says that the tattoos are "a permanent reminder and a reward to me for getting my life back on track to what it should be."

I mean, come on, you guys, how can you mock that? Team Average-Looking Edward -- and Team Cathy! -- for life!

Do you have any Twilight tattoos?

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