'I Quit' Video Gets Taken to a Whole New Level of Awesomeness With Real-Life Rant (VIDEO)

'I Quit' video parodyBy now you've surely heard about the girl who made an epic dance video to quit her job, right? And the rebuttal video posted by her office after she made headlines for leaving the place? Oh, and we can't forget the work-from-home mom shakin' it like there's no tomorrow? These vids: they're taking over the web! 

... and it's all got me thinking. I mean, here's this girl who decided that rather than confronting her boss about her issues, she'd make a video and tell the world her frustrations. Shouldn't all things in life be THAT easy?!

Yes. Yes they should. So here at The Stir, we wanted to join in on the fun. Why not complain with the best of 'em ... through dance? Check out today's Daily Stir and see our "I Quit" response:


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What would YOU complain about, if you had the chance?

Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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