'Mad Men' Season 7 Update Hints at Shockers We Never Saw Coming

don draper mad menEven though the first half of Mad Men season 7 won't premiere for months (we've got our bets on April!), creator Matthew Weiner keeps talking! Or at least he keeps getting confronted with questions about what we can expect. And while it seems like the absolute LAST thing in the world he wants to talk about, he's still tantalizing us with bits and pieces that hint at what's going on over there in the show's writers' room!

Here, six of the latest juicy teases from Weiner himself ...

  1. On splitting season 7 into two mini-seasons: "I only think of it creatively, and it's a challenge," Weiner says.
  2. On each part of season 7 consisting of seven episodes: Sounds like AMC initially wanted to go with six episodes per part, but Weiner asked for one more per mini-season, so there will be seven this spring and seven in 2015. "I asked for that because I can't do anything in six episodes,” he said.
  3. On "what we can expect": When our friends over at Wetpaint asked Weiner this, he flipped out, answering, "I can’t tell you anything yet! We just opened the writer’s room; it is the last season of the show. I like to tell a new story every year. There will be a new story." Okay, okay! A new story. Well, I would suspect he's still going to address themes and plotlines that have been haunting us for seasons!
  4. On Jessica Pare returning: Weiner got particularly, strangely defensive on this Q, responding: “No, I can’t tell you anything! I can’t tell you anything!" Huh?! I thought Jessica's return was a given? Is it possible Megan WON'T be back after all? Whoa!
  5. On why Weiner likes to stay so tight-lipped: “Can I be honest with you? How many things are there in life that you don’t know what’s going to happen besides your own life? I think it’s one of the unique things about the show -- and it’s not just a commercial thing at this point -- it’s a relationship with the audience, and I really try to keep it under wraps so that people can watch it. ... You know it’s hard to be blown away when you know everything that’s going to happen. It’s super-counterintuitive because people really think that everybody wants to know! When we get closer, I will [talk] more about it thematically." We hope so!
  6. On a possible guest star: Weiner did confess, "I would like Jack Nicholson to come by and be on the show. He could play the president of anything." Ha, he probably also wants him because he's rumored to be retiring. Of course Weiner wants the hard-to-get guy! But he's also heard Nicholson's a fan of the show! And that I wouldn't be surprised by.

What are your thoughts on these teasers? Do you think Megan will leave, and Jack Nicholson will show up?!


Image via AMC

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