Woman From 'I Quit' Dancing Video Gets Unbelievable New Job Offer (VIDEO)

When video producer Marina Shifrin uploaded a catchy clip of herself dancing around her boss's office to Kanye West's "Gone" to YouTube, she knew one thing. She'd be gone by morning. Because that was her digital "I quit!" letter. That's how the kids do it these days, I guess. Count me as one of those out-of-touch Luddites who thought, "This bitch crazy? She's never gonna get a job again!" But ho ho ho. Silly me. Clearly, I have no idea how to go about getting a job in this new social-network-viral-video-dance-around-the-office economy. It's a place where views are more valued than an Ivy League education. Because Marina just got offered an awesome job! All thanks to talk show host Queen Latifah!


"Are you looking for a job?" Latifah asked the bespectacled out-of-work video editor.

"Are you doing a stand-up joke right now?" she asked, stunned.

"What if I created something called Digital Content Producer, do you think that might be something you're interested in?" Latifah probed, either being super cool or being the biggest douche ever if this is a joke.

But the offer appeared to be for real, with Latifah telling her, "I'm the bawss! And bosses can hire!"

Unfortunately, the clip cuts out just as Marina is about to answer. (My advice: Shop around, Marina. You're hot now, girl! But don't listen to me. I beg people for jobs.)

Hey, I guess over 11 million YouTube views makes up a resume that includes embarrassing your boss and not giving two weeks notice. Plus, dancing around Latifah's studio would be pretty fly.

But I think if Marina does get the job, Kanye deserves a finder's fee.

Would you hire Marina?

Image via The Queen Latifah Show

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