Controversial 'Diana' Movie Poster Move Shows Some Class at Last

Diana movie posterJust a few days after a poster for the Princess Diana biopic Diana was plastered up near the Paris tunnel where she died in a 1997 car crash, the movie poster has been taken down. Not all that surprising considering the massive backlash that occurred after the Diana poster went last week, proving that this was indeed a plotted PR move (or hey, at least that's my point of view). Now, instead of the looming image of Naomi Watts, who stars as the late princess, there are bouquets of flowers. Much, much more appropriate.

It's the right move, no question. Considering there is already a bit of concern as to whether or not making this movie about Diana's life is a good idea, the last thing that the production company or anyone associated with promoting the film should be doing is disrespecting their subject.


All that matters, now, is that the poster has been removed. Let's hope that as time continues and the hype for the film increases, the promotion is handled in a way that better respects the late princess and the Royal Family as a whole. Not for nothing, but I'm sure they weren't too happy about that placement either.

Watch the trailer for Diana, here:

Are you happy to hear the movie poster has been taken down in Paris?


Image via Ecosse Films

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