Brandi Glanville Needs to Heed Her Own Advice if She Ever Wants to Be Happy

brandi glanvilleBrandi Glanville is not one to ever bite her tongue. After all, this is the woman who said that occasional lesbian make-out sessions once held her marriage together and she admitted to being so afraid of flying that she roofied herself to get through it. Needless to say, she is not considered the go-to Real Housewife for sage advice. However, her recent tweet was surprisingly profound and something we could all benefit from. Seriously. Take a look. It could change your life.



Good advice, right? Now if only she would follow it herself. Brandi is a star in one of the most toxic casts on television. More so than a reality show, it's a viper pit. She met disdain and resentment from the moment she joined the show. Her fight with Kim and Kyle Richards was epic. I thought the siblings were going to claw her eyes out in one of the most juvenile arguments in Bravo history (and that's saying a lot).

Though Brandi weathered the storm and eventually carved out a few friends. She would become close to Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump, but her friendship with the latter recently hit a serious snag. Brandi's beef? She says that the Real Housewives only want to talk strategy when they hang out off-camera, especially Lisa.

So if Brandi really believes what she wrote, then she should seriously consider quitting the show -- or at least finding some more supportive pals who will have her back when things get rough again ... and we all know they inevitably will.

Do you think Brandi's tweet was good advice?


Image via BravoTV

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