'DWTS' Backstage Feuding Could Cost 2 Fan Favorites the Competition

dwts season 17 cast

Uh-oh. Things may look all happy and rosy on TV as far as how well the contestants on Dancing With the Stars season 17 get along -- but behind the scenes, it's another story.

Supposedly there's a feud between Jack Osbourne and Leah Remini. No, it doesn't have anything to do with her recent exit from Scientology.

Apparently Leah blames Jack's mom, Sharon Osbourne, for why she was fired from The Talk last summer -- and it's making things all sorts of awkward between her and Jack.


One source says, "Jack goes out of his way to avoid her during rehearsals ... and when he does see her, he refuses to even acknowledge her."

Ouch. So much for cast members being real and authentic while cheering for each other from the sidelines after each performance. (I knew they were seething underneath those forced grins.)

This may be nothing but a rumor -- but given Leah's departure from The Talk, I'm sure having Sharon in the audience each week does make things a bit uncomfortable and could possibly create some tension between her and Jack. I mean, it can't be easy for her to get out on that dance floor every Monday all while having her ex-colleague sitting there watching her from the front row.

And put yourself in Jack's shoes for a second. If there is any sort of bad blood between Leah and Sharon, it would make sense for him to try and steer clear of her backstage. Obviously his loyalty lies with his mom -- not his DWTS co-star.

Hopefully for the sake of the other contestants and viewers, Jack and Leah will do their best to be civil to each other and try and forget about any animosity between them. It would really be a shame if they wind up creating so much drama that they stress themselves out to the point of it hurting them in the competition.

Do you believe that Jack and Leah are feuding?


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