Harry Styles's Rumored Girlfriend Has a VERY Strange Sense of Style (PHOTO)

cara dekevingneModel Cara Delevingne's name is all over the headlines lately. Her love life has been the subject of mad speculation, yo. She's been butting up against rumors that she's Harry Styles's latest bottom-touching partner. This is something her ACTUAL boyfriend -- actor Aki Omoshaybi -- is less than pleased about.

When it isn't her dating exploits under deepest scrutiny, people are discussing her wardrobe. This makes sense since she is, you know, a model. As such, she is paid to wear clothes and have people talk about them. But Cara isn't your typical model-type.


Woman loves her a grungy take on what's hot now. Just check out this recent pic of Cara traveling at the airport. Her outfit is, to coin a very Rachel Zoe turn of phrase, bananas. The camo leggings, the oversized bulldog t-shirt, and ohmygodthathatwiththeeyebrowsismyliiiiife. 

cara delevingne

Celebrities -- models in particular -- take their airport wardrobe seriously. Most of the time, they just wear something generically comfortable that passes for stylish. While Cara's look might skew on the side of odd, I'll take odd over boring any day of the week.

What do you think of Cara's airport style?


Images via Instagram; Corbis

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