Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt May Have Fooled Us All With Their Wedding Plans

angelina jolie brad pittEver since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got engaged, we've been wondering what their big fancy star-studded affair will look like. Will there be elephant rides for the kids? Will it take place on their French estate? Of course, their wine would be served, right? Well, it could be that the joke's on us! Because the two may have already had a completely under-the-radar, secret wedding!

Rumors that the couple is already married are flying after Angie was spotted out and about the kids in Sydney, Australia ... wearing a new ring on her wedding finger, nestled right up against her engagement ring! Whoa. What could that be all about other than what it obviously looks like?!


Beyond that, if it is actually a wedding band, then we ought to feel really foolish, because according to E!, Angelina's been wearing the simple gold band since March! Does that mean that they actually tied the knot MONTHS ago?

Well, it's possible, but there's also evidence to the contrary ... when asked if it was a wedding band back in March, Angelina said, "No, it's not." Huh. Maybe it was her mother's or meaningful in some other way, and that's why she'd want to wear it right there on her ring finger alongside the big ol' bling from Brad?

OR they are totally married and have simply kept mum on being Mr. and Mrs. and of course any wedding details. That would be so like them, wouldn't it? To fool us like that ... maybe forever!? I would not be surprised. At this rate, who knows if we'll ever get confirmation that they're wed ... or what their wedding was like! Could simply be a sign it's time to throw in the towel on making guesses about it altogether? ... Eh, nah! That's no fun!

Could you see Brangelina tying the knot and keeping it a complete secret? Do you think they're already married?


Image via Michael Steinebach/Splash News

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