Casey Kasem’s Feuding Family Ruins His Final Days

casey kasemThis is just too sad. When I was a kid (not the sad part), I was obsessed with Casey Kasem's radio show. For those of you who aren't familiar with the dude, without DJs like Casey Kasem, folks like Ryan Seacrest would not exist. The man is in his 80s now and has Parkinson's disease.

At a time like this, his family should be rallying around him to act as pillars of support. But sadly, as is the case for many, his illness has divided his family. The children from his first marriage claim that Casey's second wife, Jean Kasem, isn't allowing them to have any contact with their father.


If it's true, that's majorly messed up. The only reason to deny the children access to their father is if they are going to beat him up, or if he's asked not to see them. Since the kids are making such an uproar, I don't think they intend the dude violence. Plus, Casey is ill enough at this point that he can't even speak. I can't imagine he's banished them from his bedside.

It makes you think that maybe Jean's motives are financial. Is she trying to keep the kids from getting in on her husband's dollars? If that's the case for any party involved, it's pretty disgusting. The saddest part of all of this is that this feud threatens to overpower Casey's legacy. I don't want this to be the last news item we hear about him, it doesn't seem fair.


Image via Amanda Edwards/Getty

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