Why Was Robert Pattinson Not Invited to Jackson Rathbone's Wedding?

jackson rathboneConfession: I love Jackson Rathbone the most out of any actor in all of Twilight. I know, I know, whatever, whatever, it's a travesty -- Jasper was the greatest, now please see yourselves out. Not only was he creepy perfection in the movies, but he is deliciously yummy to look at. Plus, his hair is floppy, and verily, I love me some floppy locks.

Obviously this is why I went into a period of deep mourning when he announced his wedding. I'm kidding, I was totally okay with it. Mostly. Rathbone recently wed his longtime lady-friend (and baby-mama) Sheila Hafsadi. But one very sparkly vampire brother didn't make the guest list.


That's right -- Robert Pattinson didn't make the cut. But I don't think this was a deliberate slight against Robs. None of the other cast members were in attendance either. Jackson and his new bride Sheila kept the ceremony simple, small, and low-key.

If that was what they wanted, it's no wonder they nixed all the potential VIPs from the guest list. Nothing ruins your "simple wedding" like helicopters and paparazzi. Would that these were my problems, you know? I'm sure Jackson and Rob are still on the best of terms. He probably sent a gift. My money is on a fruit-basket of the month club.

Do you think Jackson deliberately dissed Rob?


Image via Instagram

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