7 Sexy Robert Pattinson Looks That Will Make You Blush (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Oct 2, 2013 Celebrities

Robert PattinsonDang. Couldn't we all use a little bit more Robert Pattinson in our lives? He's just so mysterious. And all kinds of hot. And he's smart, talented, and has an accent that makes us bite our lip (a la Anastasia Steele) with every word that comes out of his mouth.

Sure ... sometimes he doesn't put quite as much effort into getting dressed as he should, which takes away from his overall appeal (just a tad). Still, for the most part, Rob is just about as irresistible as it gets.

Check out the photos below to see seven of Rob's sexiest looks -- and make sure to pretend he's looking directly at you to get the full effect.


Image via Splash

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