North West Becomes the World’s Best-Dressed Baby Thanks to Her Admirers in Paris (PHOTOS)

nori lanvinI think I'm officially envious of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby. Have you seen North West's posh wardrobe from Paris? Her parents may have left her behind, but she was definitely not forgotten. Kimye's fashionistas gifted them with the most outrageously fab frocks I've ever seen for a wee babe. Oh hello, Lanvin LBD with tiered tulle skirt.

It's like Paris got together and decided to make Nori the best-dressed babe in the world. I have some thoughts and feelings about these gifts, but first, let's just ooh and ahh over them, shall we?



lanvin for nori

Be still my beating heart: Black dress with tulle skirt, rose dress, embellished tee with black flared skirt. I would wear the blue box as a hat, but that's just me.

givency for nori

Baby's first Givenchy, AKA fanciest Bambi t-shirt you'll ever see.

cline for nori

Oh hello Phoebe Philo, with your handwritten note to "Buba" and your perfect Celine sweaters. Is that real snakeskin on those little shoes?

martin margiela

White embroidered robe from Maison Martin Margiela. Le sigh.

alexander wang nori

I saved the best for last. Are you freakin' kidding me? This just in: Alexander Wang. Stop. Leather dress. Stop.

Sorry, I can't remember what else I was going to write here ... I got caught up in a daydream where I shrink myself down to the size of a baby and this is my new wardrobe. Soooo beauuuutifulllll ...

And then, I had a flashback to when my own son was a baby. There was a lot of drool. He was always damp, somewhere. I seem to recall a few diaper explosions. And a lot of spit-up and food smeared everywhere, even when he wore a bib. And best of all, I seem to recall how hard it was to get out protein stains. And my son wearing some adorable outfits exactly once because he was growing so fast. You know what? This here is insanity. These are the most impractical gifts I've ever seen.

But who cares. Gifts don't all have to be about practicality -- I love whimsical, impractical, absurd gifts like these. And I love that somewhere, out there, a baby is wearing that ridiculous Alexander Wang leather dress.

What do you think of Nori's glamorous wardrobe from Paris?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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