Miley Cyrus Finally Explains the Weird Obsession With Her Tongue (VIDEO)

miley cyrusI know what you are thinking -- what has Miley Cyrus done now. Well, the scandalous star answers your biggest, burning question about her crazy behavior: why the hell does she stick her tongue out so much? In a new promo for Saturday Night Live, which she will host on October 5, she explains it all. You gotta see it.


Hilarious. Okay, so that might not really be the reason. We all know Miley doesn't smell with her tongue like some swarmy reptile ... right?!? But you know what's so cool about this TV spot? It's nice that she can poke fun at herself. As skeeved out as we may have been by her over-the-top (and gross) MTV Video Music Awards performance, you have to admit the girl has got a decent sense of humor. You can't be thin-skinned when you pull her kind of shenanigans. I mean she essentially had sex with a foam finger on TV.

Say what you will -- that took a mixture of insanity and nerves of steel. It's nice to see that she is not taking herself too seriously. Honestly, too many young stars do, if you ask me. She's not trying to give her two cents on the government shutdown or her view on Syria, she is trying to get our tongues wagging. Mission accomplished Miley. Plus, it seems like none of her weird antics will be off-limits during the show, which makes me want to watch even more.

Can't wait to see if she tries anything outrageous on SNL ... though really, what's left for her to do?

Will you watch Miley host the next SNL?

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