Lamar Odom Writes Off Khloe Kardashian With One Sentence

lamar odom It's hard to know what's real and what's not when it comes to Lamar Odom these days. Is he freebasing pure cocaine or is he quietly reading leather bound books in a library made of pure mahogany? Only he knows for sure. Still, this recent quote attributed to Lamar has made me nervous -- because I am easily made nervous by the problems of others.

According to a friend, Lamar has every intention of playing basketball again. We're not talking in the backyard with me -- he'd have to agree to lower the hoop, for verily, I am 5'2". Lamar swears up and down that he'll be a professional baller before we can say, "Lamar, you can't smoke cigars in the library."


But beneath the cocky confidence is a load of delusion and paranoia. The fact that he thinks he'll be playing again professionally in the wink of an eye is proof alone of that. He doesn't even trust his close friends anymore. He said to one, "Everyone wants to see me fail, but I'm not gonna let that happen."

Everyone? Does that include Khloe Kardashian? Obviously we don't know what's going on between the two of them. Still, things can't be good if Lamar's making such blanket statements. It's heartbreaking that a duo who used to be so close has seemingly been driven so far apart.

Do you think Lamar's written off Khloe for good?


Image via Eonline

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