This Former Reality Star's Newest Music Video Is a Hot, Dated Mess (VIDEO)

paris hiltonRemember Paris Hilton? No, no, not that hotel you tried to stay in while traveling through Europe. I refer of course to the woman descended of an infamous hotelier. She had a TV show? She had a sex tape? No? Nothing?

Well she's back, with a new single dropping on October 8. There's a teaser trailer up right now. If this is Paris's attempt at a comeback, she's doing it wrong. The entire look of the video sets it back in time about five years.


Check it out. The whole thing feels dated and weird. The neon two-piece costume? The bandeau top with the swaths of faux silk? THE FACT THAT THERE ARE SO MANY WATER GUNS? I don't know what is happening, but it feels like the movie Tron went to a rave, and if there is anything I hate, it is the movie Tron and also raves.

Even the addition of Lil' Wayne seems forced and weird -- though his look is maybe one of the best. The rest of the video feels out of touch and strange, like an Abercrombie and Fitch shoot after-party. It's like the stylist went, "What this video needs are more button-downs and spangly leotards."

What did you think of the clothes in the video?


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