Justin Bieber May Be the Reason Selena Gomez Stays Single Forever

selena gomezSelena Gomez has a new reason to be pissed at Justin Bieber. It appears that the "Come & Get It" singer is trying to move on, but the rep of her ex is getting in the way. In fact, fear of Justin's retaliation scared one really cool, totally smitten guy away -- who also happens to be a huge pop superstar.


Recently, The Wanted's Nathan Sykes admitted that he would have pursued a relationship with Selena had it not been for Justin.

[Max George] follows someone on Twitter, then he is in the tabloids saying he is in a relationship. I started following the Selena Gomez and nothing. Where is my relationship?! To be honest, I always liked Selena, but I really did not want to go that side because Justin would kill me! I would probably receive a call from [mutual manager Scooter Braun] telling me to stay away!

For lack of a better word, that totally sucks. Who knows where it could have led? This could have been an amazing relationship for Selena -- but she’ll never know thanks to Justin Bieber. But on another note -- why is Nathan so worried about wimpy Justin Bieber and his manager?

Sure, Justin's fans can get a little psycho (they have been known to send hate mail and death threats to people who diss The Biebs), but I can't imagine someone really letting the guy intimidate them to that extent. For his part, Nathan has happily moved on. He's in a serious relationship with Ariana Grande now. Hopefully Justin won't ruin Selena's next chance at love.

Can you believe Nathan was too intimidated to mess with Bieber's ex?


Image via Amanda Nobles/Flickr

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