Britney Spears Shows Lesser Pop Stars How It's Done

Miley, take note: a pop star can achieve major success in her late teens, disappear for a few years to battle her personal demons and raise two sons, and return triumphant if her name is Britney Spears. That's right guys, love her or hate her, Brit is absolutely, 100 percent back. People can't stop talking about her latest video, "Work Bitch," which debuted yesterday and is already close to reaching two million views on YouTube


Although I've never been an insanely huge fan of Britney's brand of pop, I'm not going to deny it: I've been unable to get her new song out of my head. I'm also really excited for her, as if we're BFFs or something. She has managed to get her life in order and make a comeback, giving us that special Madonna-esque magic of hers that I feel so many of her peers (I'm looking at you, Miley, Katy, and Ke$ha) seriously lack. Not only does she continually put out kickass dance tunes that are catchy as all hell, she manages to be provocative in a way that doesn't make me feel icky. 

Yes, the 31-year-old rocks glittery bras and flirts with S&M, but the difference between her and others is that she stops right before she goes too far. She understands the art of giving just enough without showing us all of her cards. Maybe this comes with age? Perhaps she surrounds herself with whip-smart producers? Whatever the case, "Work Bitch" is an exciting first release off her upcoming December album, and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us. I only hope it won't include tons of Rihanna-like Instagram photos of herself topless -- boring

What do you think of Britney's new video?


Image via YouTube

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