First Ever YouTube Awards -- 6 Viral Hits That Should Definitely Win (VIDEOS)

Did you hear that, the numero uno video sharing site in the history of ever, has finally decided to host an awards show? I know you might be thinking you’re sick of awards shows, but this one should be different, in that hopefully it will pay tribute to the pop culture icons that never would have been without social media.

Besides, it’s sure to be a star-studded event, with guests like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire. It’s set to take place November 3 in New York City, but categories haven’t been announced yet, and the winners could be anyone's guess.


Here are some of the categories and the winners for each that we’d like to see at YouTube’s first awards show.

Best Parody: Feeling 32. A take off of country pop queen Taylor Swift’s "Feeling 22," this video shows exactly how we chicks feel a decade later.

Best Rendition of a Pop Song on Ellen: Greyson Chance. This pint-sized wonderment performed "Paparazzi" on The Ellen Show so spectacularly that he almost eclipsed Lady Gaga’s original version. The almost part depends on whom you ask, though.

Best Nonmusical Music Video: Laughing Babies. Not just laughing babies, but laughing quadruplets. If that’s not music to your ears, then I can’t help you.

Best Career-Launching Song We Wish We’d Never Heard: Justin Bieber. Baaaaby, baby, baaaaaybaah ... I’ll admit that occasionally I find myself enjoying a song on the radio only to realize it’s Biebs, but then I can only think, Baby, Baby, Baby ... ooooohhhhhh! I have young children, ok? Repetitiveness isn’t my friend.

Best Video to Become a Pop Culture Icon: Psy. "Gangnam Style." Had to include it. You know why. Heeeeeey, sexy lady! Also close to two billion views. I won’t tell you how many of those are mine.

Best Video to Feature Furries: Ylvis. What does the fox say? Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Obviously.

What categories and winners would you like to see?


Image via officialpsy/YouTube

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