Justin Bieber Climbs to New Heights of Brattiness -- With a Little Help From His Bodyguards

When it comes to pissing in a mop bucket or spitting off a balcony onto fans, Justin Bieber can totally do that by himself, thank you very much. But walking up the Great Wall of China? Well, Bieber needs some help in that department -- in the form of two burly bodyguards who hauled little Biebs on their shoulders and trekked him all the way to the top of the wall, presumably thousands of steps.


This might seem like the act of a spoiled, self-entitled, not to mention lazy, young pop star, but this is a guy who puked on stage and then continued singing. That's manly, I tell you!

So something else might be going on here. Like maybe Biebs had been out partying 'til the wee hours -- the Great Wall of China and a hangover do not mix, my friends.

Additionally, Justin has been really busy while in China. According to his tour's Twitter page, he's been to the Apple store. He held a baby. He skateboarded. He cycled. And yes, he clubbed at a place called Spark.

So like I said. Hang. Over.

Who cares if his bodyguards carried him up the Great Wall. What else are bodyguards for? And he stood on his own two feet when he got to the top. Doesn't that count for something?

He even pulled a Miley and stuck out his tongue. And Miley thought he'd end up like Vanilla Ice. Pishaw! Ice never had no one carry him to the top of the Great Wall.

Do you think Bieber thinks he is an ancient pasha?

Images via BelieveTour/Twitter

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