Miranda Kerr Reveals Secret to Her Kooky, But Hot Relationship

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have been married for only three years but seem to have one of the most stable and adorably sweet relationships in the kooky celeb world. She's gorgeous, he's a beautiful specimen of man, and they are raising a super-cute little boy. So who wouldn't want to hear how Miranda makes things work? Luckily, her relationship secret is incredibly easy to follow. According to a recent interview with Cosmopolitan -- the model graces its November cover -- she says she simply lets her man do things for her. And forget about running lines with Orlando while he prepared for his lead role in Broadway's Romeo and Juliet -- Miranda ain't got time for that.


Miranda says she works hard during the day and takes an aggressive role in her work life, but that in her home life she isn't so quick to wear the pants all of the time. Instead of returning home and dictating how things should be done, she is just as content to slip on a silk Stella McCartney robe, paint her nails red, and let Orlando do some things for her -- because, as she says, if a man cares about you he will want to do things for you. 

Hallelujah, sister.

And, although she respects the heck out of her man for the hard work he put into his latest Broadway role, Miranda says he certainly didn't run lines with her, as that would be similar to her asking her hubby for advice on how to impress on the catwalk. In other words, Miranda and Orlando are practicing the very ordinary but totally foolproof act of maintaining their own separate lives while enjoying their awesome life together. And as far as Miranda's ideas about playing a more feminine role at home, I am completely on board. In my opinion there's a way to be both a strong and soft partner and there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking turns wearing the pants around the house. Plus, it's really, really nice when your partner opens doors for you, draws a bath for you, and prepares your favorite snack for no other reason than because he wants to.

How do you feel about having separate interests from partners and letting them wear the pants once in a while?


Image Via Dennis Wong/Flickr 

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