Brad Pitt Vs. Charlie Hunnam: Who’s the Better Christian Grey? (PHOTOS)

brad pittIf we were back in the early '90s and Fifty Shades of Grey was the phenomenon it is now back then, I bet we'd be looking at none other than Brad Pitt to play Christian Grey. I'm talking his Thelma & Louise days -- back when he dated Juliette Lewis and was a little more wild and fancy-free. I can't help but feel that Brad is looking at Charlie Hunnam and thinking ... I did that. I was that. I am still that.

"That" being the impossibly sexy that can't really be defined -- that which is all that Charlie Hunnam is. So Brad did what any man of his age would do.


He started doing his hair just like Charlie. Sure it could be for a movie, but don't you think Brad's got control over all that now? He knows what hot (he's with Angelina Jolie!) and he knows what's cool (he named his kids Knox, Maddox, Shiloh, Vivienne, Zahara, and Pax) and he probably sees a bit of his younger self in one Charlie Hunnam. What Brad says goes, so if he says I want my hair to look like Charlie Hunnam's, then Brad's hair shall look like Charlie Hunnam's!

Behold. And compare the hair. And those baby blues. Those lips. The dirty blond hair. The ... ohh ....

charlie hunnam

Ohhh Charlie.

I'm not giving away my age but I'm somewhere between 49-year-old Brad and 33-year-old Charlie. Which means that Brad Pitt is kind of old enough to be his dad (if he had a kid at 16). Which completely freaks me out. And in this case, I'm going younger. I'm going with Charlie.

Sorry, Brad. You've been replaced. No competition. And not even a similar hairstyle is going to take him to the level of excitement and anticipation we are all having for Mr. Hunnam right now. Laters baby.

What do you think of Brad's "Charlie Hunnam hairstyle"? And more importantly, if you had to pick, would it be Brad or Charlie?


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