Kim Kardashian Wanted to Bring North to Paris But Kanye Thought It Was 'Dangerous'

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West left their 3-month-old cherub, baby, North West, home in Los Angeles (with Kris?? nanny?? who??) while the stylish duo went to Paris for the fall fashion shows. Because that's important, people!!! Dang. Do you not understand?? Yeezy is a fashion GOD, okay?? Anyway, reportedly Kim was "sad to say goodbye" -- no word on Kanye. But it sounds like the newbie parents are already at odds about how how babycentric they should be. Kim reportedly wanted to breast pump while in Paree and ship the precious milk of life back to little Nori's mouth, but Kanye put his foot down, telling her that was "ludicrous."


A source tells RadarOnline:

Kim had wanted to continue breast feeding for another two months. She considered taking a breast pump with her to Paris and having either an assistant flying the milk back to L.A. or shipping it back by FedEx. Kanye thought that was ludicrous, and as usual he got his way.

Well, that is a tad ludicrous, but hey, something tells me if Yeezy forgot his fave pair of sneaks, he'd have those buggers on a private jet aysap.

As for the offspring herself, Kim apparently wanted to bring her with them, but Kanye skuttled that as well. Just because he can. The source dishes:

Kim really wanted to take Nori to Paris but Kanye insisted that it wasn’t a good idea because of his issues with photographers. He thought it was too dangerous.

Well, the presence of Nori would have definitely amplified the attention the pair got while in the City of Lights, which would have surely turned into the City of Flashbulbs, in haste to get a shot of Nori's fat little cheeks. But we get to the real reason behind Nori's snub at the end of the source's tittle-tattle:

He also wanted Kim all to himself for a few days. He said they needed to spend time together as a couple away from her family.

I think it's fine that couples spend time away with each other after baby -- but Paris is rather far. Most moms I know can barely get down the street without a panic attack in the first year of motherhood. I'm not sure Kanye gets that. Or cares.

He's already starting to sound jealous of Nori and controlling of Kim. Wonder how long Kim will put up with it.

Do you think it was right to leave Nori so early? Did your husband ever want you to leave the baby before you were ready?


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