Kim Kardashian Wears Her Love for ‘Nori’ With Gorgeous Gold Necklace (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWhilst strolling the streets of Paris during Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing the fiercest necklace in the world's most stylish city: A tiny gold nameplate with her daughter's nickname, Nori, emblazoned on it. It's presh. It's cute. It's the perfect piece of jewelry for anyone who loves, well, anything.


Shortly after my daughter was born, my sister gifted me with a tiny gold necklace with her name on it. Hands down, it's my favorite piece of jewelry. As we speak, it's sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting to be fixed after my toddler ripped it off my neck, but still. I love it. As cheesy as it sounds, I think it's the perfect way to keep her "close to my heart" when I'm not with her. And it's genuinely a really pretty necklace.

Kim's "Nori" necklace is positively adorable -- and it's an ideal piece of jewelry for any mom. It's not in-your-face; it's kinda different; and it's super stylish. I mean, Kim wore it to the Givenchy offices, guys. You don't mess around when you're going to Givenchy. Love.

Do you have any jewelry with your kids' names?


Image via Splash News

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