Rihanna Shares NSFW 'Pour It Up' Photos & Audition (VIDEO)

rihanna pour it upSay, it's still the weekend, and you know what that means? You can check out these NSFW Instagram photos from Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video. I mean, if you want to. No one is going to twist your arm or anything. Riri's looking her usual bad girl self in a semi-sheer romper and a fishnet body suit. She also posted the audition tape of pole dancer because she knows we want to see it. Did I mention these photos are NSFW? Also Not Safe for After-Church Potluck, Not Safe for When Your Kids Are in the Room, and Not Safe for Sunday Dinner at the In-Laws.


Okay, so here's Rihanna in that romper I mentioned. I'm just saying, if I had that body and I wore that romper I would not look so bored. I'd be all, "OMG it's AWESOME to be MEEE!!!" I'd probably be giving the camera the thumbs up or something cheesy like that. This is why I am not Rihanna.

rihanna pour it up

And then here's the fishnet look, which... 0_0. Good Lord, Rihanna. Where is the rest of your outfit? Holy strategically-placed title.

rihanna pour it up

I guess I might as well post the video of the audition as well. I can totally do all those moves! (Haha, no I can't.) Oh Riri, you just keep being Riri, okay? 

Would you ever wear a body suit like this?


Images via badgirlriri/Instagram

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