Gwen Stefani Shows Off Baby Bump & Sky-High Heels (PHOTO)

gwen stefaniForty-three-year old Gwen Stefani is pregnant with baby number 3 and I cannot wait for this kid's arrival. It's early in her pregnancy so I'll be waiting a bit, but it looks like I can just start checking out what kind of maternity clothes Gwen is going to be rocking.

Of course, she's barely showing ... in fact she looks smaller than me after I've eaten a cheeseburger and fries in this photo, but the platinum locked mama does indeed have a bun in the oven ... a bun of the real baby variety. And I love how she is wearing those heels like a boss.


Sure there are horror stories about women who wear heels when pregnant, but as a heel wearing woman who had twins I think it's okay ... within reason. I just felt more comfortable in heels believe it or not. Flats gave me blisters. I wore heels until I couldn't wear shoes anymore. (I had a bit of a swelling problem and had to wear flip flops in December, but it wasn't because of the heels, I swear.) And while Gwen's heels are high -- very, very high and stilettos at that -- it's clear she's just going to a birthday party and not going on a 3-hour shopping spree or hike in the woods.

Another 40-something pregnant mom, Halle Berry was recently caught flashing quite a bit of a black lace bra. Here Gwen's doing the same and I love the look. Can't wait to see the belly grow.

What do you think of Gwen's maternity look?


Image via Splash

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