Jennifer Lawrence's 'Dumb & Dumber' Cameo Is a Smart Move (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrenceYou guys, my BFF is doing a cameo! Jennifer Lawrence will appear in Dumb and Dumber To, the sequel America has been waiting for since 1994. Is that a dream come true for an actress or what? Seriously -- she's already a fan of the original movie and claims she can recite the whole thing. JLaw will play a younger version of Kathleen Turner's character. She was already in Atlanta filming Mockingjay, so it was super convenient for her to pop over to the Dumb and Dumber set, also in Atlanta. 


In the sequel, Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels embark on another road trip, this time to find Harry's long-lost daughter. I mean, whatever. Does it even matter what the plot will be? All we care about is that it's as funny as the original, and that they give JLaw something hilarious to do

Here's Jennifer doing her Dumb and Dumber impression for Jimmy Fallon. Here is why we've been dying to see her do some comedy. Right? She's hilarious.

Are you excited about the Dumb and Dumber sequel?


Image via TheFabulouslyFab/YouTube

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