Kim Kardashian's Paris Trip Leaves North West Behind

kim kardashian kanye west parisIt's only been three months, but Kimye are already taking a trip away from baby. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just landed in Paris -- and they didn't bring North with them, even though she has her own passport. And least anyone get the wrong idea about Kim's lack of mommy guilt, worry not. A source tells Us Weekly, "Kim was sad to say goodbye. This is the first time she's been away from the baby." Okay? So yes, Kim ran off to Paris without her newborn baby, but she feels simply awful about it. Why isn't anyone asking how Kanye feels about leaving North?


Kanye has made a few trips away since Nori's birth, but no one seems to care much about that. Kim, on the other hand, seems to be anticipating the JUDGING that will erupt if she travels to another country without her baby. True, Kim and Kanye are missing out on important bonding time with their baby. But this is the first time Kim's been away. She's done loads of bonding already, and has built a strong foundation with North. And I'm sure the baby is in good hands with other adults she's bonded to. 

This may even be a smart idea for her and Kanye. They say having a baby is like throwing a bomb into your relationship. This post-baby getaway may have been Kanye's idea -- maybe he wanted just a few days with Kim all to himself (well, in between seeing all the shows at Paris Fashion Week). They'll get to reconnect as a couple, which is wonderful. Maybe it's not what most of us would do so soon after having a baby, but it sounds just right for Kim and Kanye.

When is the soonest you would travel away from your baby -- or would you ever?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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