Alanis Morissette's Nanny Makes Shocking Claim

alanis morissetteOh Alanis Morissette, say it ain't so! The pop star whose album Jagged Little Pill was the soundtrack for a chunk of my moody adolescence is being sued by her former nanny, Bianca Camberio! Obviously we don't know both sides of the story. Still, until Alanis speaks up, all we've got is the nanny's side -- and friends, it does not look good. 

Camberio claims that she was held hostage by her boss! Seriously! She says she was locked in her charge's bedroom for 12-hour stretches. She says she wasn't allowed to leave, not to pee, not to eat, not to write a message requesting help from Good Samaritans in fog on the window -- nothing. She also alleges that Morrisette still owes her over $30,000. *Insert obvious joke about that being one jagged little pill to swallow here.*


This story sounds truly bizarre. If Alanis did these things, of course her nanny is entitled to restitution -- and then some. Still, something about the story doesn't smell right. This yoga-doing, peace-and-love espousing woman holding one of her employees hostage? Yeah, I don't know that I buy it.

Of course things are not always what they seem. Alanis could be a very different sort of person at home than she is behind the scenes. Still, while Camberio was employed by Morissette, there were other nannies and nurses working too, and none of them have made any attempts at a lawsuit. Again, I don't know all the details, and I'll admit I'm totally biased toward my former hero, but the whole things seems just a little bit off.

Do you think the nanny is telling the truth or out for cash?


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