Prince George Christening Ceremony Will Have Nice Tribute to Diana

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton and Prince William have announced that their son, Prince George, will be christened on October 23 at the Royal Chapel in St. James' Palace. Ohh, another event to look forward to, royal watchers. St. James' Palace isn't where William or his father, Prince Charles, were christened. That would be Buckingham Palace. So what prompted this move for the royal christening? It could be that this is where Princess Diana was laid to rest for a week in her casket before being moved to Kensington Palace before her funeral at Westminster Abbey. Royal aids told The Telegraph that the choice of venue was "very much a personal choice."


You can bet that the christening will be a world-watched affair. Prince George will be christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and according to the British Monarchy Heir's Facebook page, he will be wearing a "a replica of the intricate lace and satin christening gown made for Queen Victoria's eldest daughter in 1841." Cute?!

A source said that the reason for St. James' Palace was:

They just liked it. It's a very intimate venue and has a nice atmosphere. They are familiar with the other chapels, but this was the one that most appealed to them.

Prince William's biographer, Penny Junor, insists that, despite George not having a Diana name in his, she has been "very much a part" of the marriage, and that christening George in the same chapel where Diana lay is definitely not coincidence. She told The Telegraph:

Throughout his marriage Diana has very much been in the picture. He gave the Duchess his mother’s engagement ring, they got married in the place where her funeral was held, and now this. There is a recurrent theme of making sure Diana is very much in his thoughts and in his heart, and I think this is a little way of including her.

The christening is going to be a big event -- and likely the first time that Queen Elizabeth will be photographed with three heirs. This will be the first time that a reigning monarch has been photographed with three heirs since Queen Victoria.

The infant heir's godparents haven't been announced yet, but they will before the ceremony. So far, only William's good friend Guy Pelly has been mentioned as a possible choice. But my guess is that Prince Harry and Kate's sister Pippa will probably join the lucky crew of six godparents.

Anyway, it's no surprise that Prince George is to be christened in such a lavish religious ceremony. The monarch is, after all, head of the Church of England, and appoints archbishops and bishops.

The Diana twist is a nice tribute that I'm sure the many Diana-lovers out there will appreciate.

Did your baby have a christening?


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