Kanye West's Twitter Tirade Against Jimmy Kimmel Is His Most Ridiculous Feud Yet (VIDEO)

kanye vs kimmelOh Kanye. Just when I think you may be a rational human being, you go and prove me wrong. I loved the Kanye West that appeared on Kris Jenner's talk show just one month ago. He was sweet, humble, even shy at time. So unlike he'd ever appeared before. However, his latest tirade makes me wonder if that was all an act. Kanye has launched a ridiculous Twitter attack against Jimmel Kimmel.


The fracas began after a skit on Jimmel Kimmel Live in which the late night funnyman had a kid re-create Kanye's recent BBC interview. In case you missed it, the rap star compares himself to Michael Jackson and calls himself the #1 rock star on the planet. How could he make bombastic comments like that without expecting some serious ribbing. Talk about thin-skinned.

Kimmel addressed the feud in his opening monologue Thursday night: "Did anyone else get a very angry phone call from Kanye West about an hour and a half ago? Just me? OK. I didn't know if he was mad at all of us." He went on to explain that Kanye offered him an ultimatum: "He told me I had two choices -- #1 apologize publicly. And that was really the only choice -- the other choice he gave was my life ... your life is going to be much better if I apologize."

Is Kanye for real? He takes himself and this joke entirely too seriously. Going up against one of the funniest men around is a battle he just can't win. His tweets just prove Kimmel's point. But the biggest victim in this whole mess is Kim Kardashian. Jeez. She must constantly be embarrassed by these over-the-top antics.

Take a look at the skit that made Kanye flip his lid:

Do you think Kanye's reaction was overblown or was Jimmy Kimmel in the wrong?

Images via Getty and abc.com

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