Kate Middleton's Confidence Is at an All-Time High, Thanks to Little Georgie

kate middletonAfter I had my daughter, I was pleased to find out that, among some of the many unpleasant post-birth side effects, was a hidden gem. (Besides, you know, getting a baby and all.) Once I became a mom, I felt more confident, more sure of myself. Not in the sense that I had the sudden urge to put on a micro-mini and strut around town, waiting for the cat calls to roll in. But in the sense that I didn't care what people thought as much as I once did. I was (am) responsible for another human being's happiness, health, and safety -- and that really puts things in perspective. I find decisions easier now, and frankly, I just think about myself less these days. And you know who feels the same? Kate Middleton.

Reason #373 we're destined to be besties.


According to body language expert Judi James, Kate Middleton appeared to be "more confident and regal" at her first royal event since the birth of Prince George. "Emotionally and maybe mentally, there's been a bit of change with her," James said after analyzing the Duchess' behavior at the Tusk Trust awards a few weeks back. "She's slightly more forceful, she still looks pleasantly low key, but instigates a lot of the conversations."

I'm sure the reason Kate appears to be more at ease and comfortable now is because she has things other than herself, and how she's appearing to the public, to think about. She's someone's mother. There's really no time to overanalyze how to behave, or what people think of you, when you're a parent -- because it's allll about the kid.

Every parent out there experiences guilt at some point or another (or every day) and wonders if what they're doing for the child is right. But as a whole, I think most people tend to feel more sure of themselves once they have a kid. And Kate Middleton is no exception. Says some random body language analyzer.

Do you feel like you got more confident after having a child?


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