Eva Longoria Reveals a Third Marriage Isn't in the Cards for Her

eva longoriaAfter two divorces -- once from General Hospital actor Tyler Christopher in 2004 and most recently from NBA player Tony Parker in 2011 -- Eva Longoria isn't interested in remarrying ... ever. The former Desperate Housewives star confessed to Access Hollywood Live recently, "I've been married twice. Been there, done that!" when asked if she feels pressure to wed as she gets older.

First off, it's all sorts of obnoxious to even ask her in the first place if her age makes her feel feels "pressured" to get married. Really, what kind of question is that?! Are all women incomplete or something unless they have a spouse ... or kids? Yeah, Eva doesn't necessarily seem desperate to become a mom anytime soon either.


She said:

I'm not one of those women who are like, 'I must procreate!' I think kids are a product of love. So if you find the right person and you want to have a family with that person, then that's when the time is right. But...if I'm 50 and single, I'm not going to go do it myself.

Aww. I admire that she's standing up for what she believes is right for her. Still, I'd never say never. After all, you don't know who you'll meet and how your heart could end up changing your mind when it comes to remarriage. The fact of the matter is that falling in love can make you rethink just about anything and everything you thought you were deadset on.

For all her talk, I get the impression that Eva's really a romantic at heart. I hope she finds the right guy. Whether or not that could lead her to a third walk down the aisle, who knows? But something tells me she shouldn't write off the possibility altogether. No one should.

How do you feel about writing off remarriage completely?


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